Fflwff diwinyddol ffug-ddwys

Rwyf wedi dweud droeon bod yr hyn a ddywed rhai diwinyddwyr 'soffistigedig' yn gallu fy syrffedu lawn cymaint, os nad mwy, na dadleuon ffwndamentaliaid. Dyma enghraifft, a gyflwynwyd fel 'dyfyniad y dydd' (!) gan y sylwebydd pabyddol Andrew Sullivan:
Faith is sensitiveness to what transcends nature, knowledge and will, awareness of the ultimate, alertness to the holy dimension of all reality. Faith is a force in man, lying deeper than the stratum of reason and its nature cannot be defined in abstract, static terms. To have faith is not to infer the beyond from the wretched here, but to perceive the wonder that is here and to be stirred by the desire to integrate the self into the holy order of living. It is not a deduction but an intuition, not a form of knowledge, of being convinced without proof, but the attitude of mind toward ideas whose scope is wider than its own capacity to grasp.
Such alertness grows from the sense for the meaningful, for the marvel of matter, for the core of thoughts. It is begotten in passionate love for the significance of all reality, in devotion to the ultimate meaning which is only God. By our very existence we are in dire need of meaning, and anything that calls for meaning is always an allusion to Him. We live by the certainty that we are not dust in the wind, that our life is related to the ultimate, the meaning of all meanings. And the system of meanings that permeates the universe is like an endless flight of stairs. Even when the upper stairs are beyond our sight, we constantly rise toward the distant goal – Abraham Joshua Heschel, “The Holy Dimension,” in Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity: Essays
Crynodeb: 'rydym i gyd yn chwilio am ystyr, a phan nad ydym yn gallu ei ganfod, rydym yn ei ddyfeisio allan o ddim'. Sy'n safbwynt gwirion mewn sawl ffordd. Dyna'n union pam, am wn i, mae'r awdur mor gyndyn i fynegi'r peth yn glir.

Salad geiriau gwag yw'r gweddill. Siarad a siarad heb ddweud unrhyw beth o sylwedd. Dyna sy'n nodweddu llawer iawn o ddiwinyddiaeth, o'm profiad i: rwdlan blodeuol ffug-goeth i guddio'r ymerawdr noeth.

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